In this category, you'll find glass bongs in a variety of designs: Take-away bubblers, small robust glass bongs to the big bongs made of borosilicate glass that we love so much and that are always the right thing when you are looking for a stunning extra kick. Hookahs are especially popular with experienced users. The bubbling beauties offer the smoker a lot of fun, a fierce effect and a soft, cool and mild smoke. The smoke is filtered through the water in the bong, cooled and many pollutants are thereby taken out. In the case of perculator bongs, this principle has been reinforced so that a mild but effective smoking experience is guaranteed. Honeycombs, glass bongs with turbine perculators, frit and inline perculators up to our new Nectar Collectorsspecially designed for the comfortable and smooth smoking of concentrates, you can find everything that the innovative and exciting bong world has to offer. High quality glass bongs are stylish, comfortable and get the best out of your buds. Have fun browsing and later testing 😉

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BHO Bong G-Lock 83

117,00  incl. VAT

BL Cylinder Bong Ice 9mm

49,95  incl. VAT

Black Leaf Frit Oilbong

39,00  incl. VAT

Black Leaf HoneyComb - Oilbong

35,00  incl. VAT

BLAZE Bong, 45cm

47,90  incl. VAT

Blaze Glass Bong Crown

59,00  incl. VAT

BLAZE cylinder glass bong golden yellow

45,50  incl. VAT

Bong G-Lock 70 for BHO

145,00  incl. VAT

Bong Meshugga with hexagonal base, 40 cm

29,95  incl. VAT

Bong frosted glass, H 37,5cm

29,95  incl. VAT

Bong set

59,00  incl. VAT

Boost Bowl with Foot H50 cm

35,00  incl. VAT

Boost Bowl with foot sandblasted H41 cm

22,50  incl. VAT

Boost Glass Bong with Knob, H 49cm

29,95  incl. VAT

Boost Pro Hangover H32

21,50  incl. VAT

Boost Pro Piston, H 44 cm

31,00  incl. VAT

Boost Pro Wave, H 45 cm

85,50  incl. VAT

Boost Wave H42 cm

32,00  incl. VAT

Boost, red-blue H38

26,95  incl. VAT

Bubbler G-Lock 67 for BHO

84,00  incl. VAT